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Expert Consultant Raises Environmental Concerns about the Draft Rural Land Use Strategy

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Rural Land Use Strategy

Geoff Belmore, a leading parks management consultant has made this observation about the proposed RLUS environmental policies.

“If the DRLUS is ratified the future land uses will be limited and undermine the potential of the East Gippsland Shire and negatively affect the livability for generations to come.

There is an underlining bias and statements that are not achievable or measurable, thus the DRLUS can’t be accountable.  The people who endorse a document like this will be accountable. The DRLUS is open to interpretation and manipulation throughout whole document.  It can’t be determined if this is deliberate, or it is just an unprofessional document.

Using climate change as an example as it is mentioned throughout the DRLUS. Climate change is being used to justify unspecified agendas. Generally, the 2019/2020 bushfires have been referred to a result of climate change. While in part could be true so to can the lack of bushland management so further discussions must be had. When the DRLUS adopts words within strategies like “discourage and appropriately address natural hazards to protect human life.” Words such as discourage and appropriately need to be measured.  Since the bushfires very little, bushland management has been done. But a perception could be that there has been appropriately addressed this will only be measured with future bushfires and decision makers held accountable”.

The following validation is provided to establish credibility

I have a

  • Master of Project Management, (RMIT)
  • Degree in Parks Recreation and Heritage, (CSU)
  • Top Apprentice Oakleigh Technical School and;
  • Outstanding Apprentice – Industrial Training Commission – Horticulture

I have been a project manager that developed landscapes of $7.5 million, rooftop gardens in Melbourne CBD, s Superintendent Parks, and Gardens – Rural City of Warragul, Landscape manager with up to 50 staff, developed a company that developed habitats for endangered species.


Geoff Belmore

MPM, BSc Parks Management