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Help remove adult sex education books from the EGSC public library

by | May 20, 2024 | News & Updates

I believe in the importance of teaching children about respecting all individuals, however, there’s a fine line between age-appropriate education and introducing complex concepts prematurely.

Today, while I was at the East Gippsland Shire Council public library, I noticed that there were ADULT SEX EDUCATION books in the children’s section.

In libraries, children have lots of books to pick from. They begin with colourful storybooks that are simple to understand. After that, they read books with more words called “early reader books.” As they get older, they explore books with facts, exciting stories, and adventurous tales.

Adult Sex Education Books in the Junior Non-Fiction Section.

These books, contain content that is beyond the comprehension of young children. Early exposure to such topics can lead to gender confusion and misunderstandings.

Children deserve a childhood that is free from the weighty complexities of adult issues. Moreover, parents have the right to guide their children through discussions about gender and sexuality, tailoring these conversations to their family values and beliefs.

The library should be a place where parents feel comfortable bringing their children without worrying about age-inappropriate content.

It’s not about censorship; it’s about ensuring our children’s innocence is preserved while respecting parents’ rights to educate their children on sensitive subjects in their own time and manner.

If you agree with me, take a stand by signing our petition and let’s work together to ensure a safe and age-appropriate environment for our children at EGSC public libraries. Make sure to share it far and wide!


Petition closing date: November 13, 2023

Petition submission date: November 14, 2023 Council Meeting