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Rural Land Use Strategy



The proposed amendments to the Rural Land Use Strategy (RLUS) by the East Gippsland Shire Council pose severe threats to landholders with properties of 40 hectares or less.

The Council plans to push through these changes at the upcoming meeting on Tuesday, July 25th, leaving little time for intervention.


Consequences for Landowners

Under the proposed changes, it will become extremely difficult and costly for owners of 40-hectare or smaller properties to obtain permits for building homes.

The minimum lot size for dwelling permits in Farming Zone 1 would be doubled to 80 hectares, with a discouragement of non-farming purposes.

“The economic disadvantage of the introduction of 80-hectare planning permits and the removal of the “as of right” entitlement for 40-hectare lots will have severe economic implications for landholders. This sudden change will devalue their properties, jeopardize their financial security, and may undermine their ability to fulfill financial commitments made when purchasing the land. This has been my position on the matter from the first introduction of the strategy and it has not changed.” – Councilor Sonia Buckley, Media Release July 7, 2023


Negative Impacts and Unfairness

“The strategy imposes unnecessary impediments for justifying farm dwellings, which directly affects farmers and landowners who require on-site residences for operational purposes. Balancing the need for agricultural viability with appropriate land use regulations is crucial for the sustainability of our rural economies.”

Current landowners who purchased or have owned smaller properties in good faith will face extensive and expensive processes to obtain permission for construction.

The requirement for a farm plan will incur significant costs without any guarantee of approval.

In effect, this would force landowners to acquire an additional 40 hectares of adjacent land, if available and affordable, to build on their existing property.


Transparency and Community Consultation Needed

We urge all Councilors to reconsider their positions and support the preservation of the 40-hectare rule for current owners.

“Lack of clear definitions and undefined terms in the strategy contribute to confusion and uncertainty which must be addressed. Clarity and transparency in the use of language are paramount to ensure effective implementation and understanding by all stakeholders.” – Councilor Sonia Buckley, Media Release July 7, 2023

Furthermore, we request the Council to postpone the RLUS vote until February 2024, allowing sufficient time for transparent community consultation and effective decision-making.


Protecting Our Future Prosperity

The proposed RLUS, along with the East Gippsland Housing and Land Strategy, will have detrimental effects on investment, economic growth, and land values in the region.

These drafts, in their current formats, will deter outside investors and hamper our regional prosperity.“By limiting growth opportunities in these areas, the strategy neglects the economic potential and vitality of these communities, leading to potential population decline, limited job prospects, and diminished quality of life.” – Councillor Sonia Buckley, Media Release July 7, 2023


Inadequate Consultation and Ambiguous Survey

“Only 2 submissions were received from 40-hectare owners which perhaps indicates that there has not been enough community understanding or engagement of what the outcomes of the strategy could mean.” – Councillor Sonia Buckley, Media Release July 7, 2023

Affected stakeholders have not been adequately consulted, and the survey questionnaire lacked the necessary information for informed replies.

The current proposals fail to recognize the need for population growth and limit rural living options, ultimately increasing the cost of housing for all East Gippsland residents.


Stand Together, Make a Difference

Join us in taking action to protect the rights of landowners and secure a prosperous future for East Gippsland.

Your voice matters, and by signing our petition.


Act now before it’s too late

Do you want the hard copy of the petition?

Click HERE to download a PDF file that you can simply download, print out, and use for multiple signatures.


The hard copy must be handed in or arrive at the East Gippsland Shire Council Office no later than 5.00pm Monday 24th July 2023 to enable it to be
accepted at the Tuesday July 25
th 2023 Council Meeting.

People’s Insights about the Rural Land Use Strategy

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Where to from here – July 25th

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Rural Land Use Strategy

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