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“How do I build in my own property?”

by | May 30, 2023 | Rural Land Use Strategy

If my understanding is correct, no permit will be issued to build a house in rural areas if the block size is less than 80ha.

So, what happens if someone has bought a block of 40 ha in the past anticipating to build in the future?

What happens to property prices if less than 80ha as the market is suddenly restricted to neighbours or farmers?

Please do not let this change from 40 ha for a building permit be changed to 80ha. The community relies on the farmers on the council to see that common sense prevails.

Cr Sonia Buckley replied:

Hello Lionel, as stated I do not support the 80ha rule.

It will mean more red tape and great cost for application, which will hinder small farm creation. Recently the Southern Grampians knocked back the recommendation of an 80 hectare rule and to my knowledge, Wellington has maintained the 40 hectare status, as have many Rural Shires.

I have pushed back on this change for over a year now. I wish briefings could be open to the public so that people could understand what is discussed.


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