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“There are MANY of you also in this situation”

by | Dec 11, 2022 | Rural Land Use Strategy

I live on 7-hectares in East Gippsland, my property is too small to use for agriculture and I have 11 neighbours who abut my paddocks (they are in the Town Zone) who would be impacted by any noise from agricultural activities. I am directly across the road from some holiday rental accommodation who would be similarly affected. My property is zoned as FZ (Farming Zone) even though I pay Residential Rural/Rural Lifestyle on my rates.

I would like my land rezoned to Rural Lifestyle (RZ) but the recent draft Rural Land Use Strategy in its current form, intends to retain the Farming Zone Schedules 1, 3, and 4 where they currently apply. It goes further to apply Farming Zone Schedule 1 to land currently zoned Farming Zone Schedule 2 which means minimum land size will increase in this zone from 30 to 40 hectares.

I understand the need to protect farming and agriculture but owning 7 hectares does not make me a farmer. Essentially the current zoning limits me from using the land for anything other than agriculture.

There are many of you also in this situation.

Did you know that 60% of all Farm Zoned properties in East Gippsland are less than 40 hectares in size?

The plan speaks of fragmentation of land having negative impacts on commercial agriculture. The fragmentation has already occurred. The plan needs to consider how to manage these properties in accordance with their actual and future use. We need to be able to diversify and forward-plan for the high demand of housing, the sudden growth and development of rural townships in the area. If these properties pose no opportunity for agriculture, then our ask is to consider their value for other purposes such as additional housing for living or tourism and prepare a more accurate plan for 2041.


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